Aubree And LeahThe Society

  • We have been an Incorporated Society since 2009;ras newlogo
  • We have been an Affiliated Member of the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) since March 2009;
  • We have a strong and growing Membership of passionate Highland Cattle owners;
  • As a Society, we place a great deal of value on Accuracy within our Herd Book;
  • We have a friendly and approachable team of Area Reps, who have the backing and resources of our Society, to answer any of your Highland Cattle related questions.  They all work hard for our members and our mutual love of all things Highland Cattle;
  • Our executive committee is constantly looking at ways to improve the way we serve our members.  Current initiatives underway, include sponsorship of Highland Cattle related events and support for members to show their cattle.  We are currently looking at ways to diversify our breeding programs and work together to improve the standard of the Highland Cattle breed in New Zealand.

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