Application to become a Registered Member


Please complete this form to apply for membership of the NZ Lifestyle Highland Society Inc.


If you would prefer to complete your application by hardcopy you can download the form here .


I/We, if accepted as a Registered Member of the NZ Lifestyle Highland Society Inc, agree to abide by its rules and regulations, as described in its Constitution and the official website, at all times.

I/We understand that the NZLHS communicates via e-mail and that I/We will advise any changes to the above contact details to the Herd Book Registrar.

I/We acknowledge that Membership is subject to the approval of the Herd Book Registrar.

Payment Method

Please remit $60 prorated by the number of months until March 31st (end of financial year) by direct credit to the Society's bank account, or by cheque to the Herd Book Registrar.

Please indicate what payment method you will use.