registration why

So, you have decided to join the many people who have already fallen in love with our fabulous breed and make your very first purchase of a Highland. You will probably start by scouring the Internet for calves for sale, or you may even just go straight to Trade me. The prices may vary greatly and you probably notice by now that some Highlands are advertised as registered or graded whilst other ads don’t mention anything about registration at all. So which animals should you choose.

Of course, it depends on the reason why you want to be a Highland owner, but chances are you have chosen a Highland because you want to immerse yourself in the breed and experience the joy of owning cattle you can hand feed, brush and maybe even breed calves of your own from one day. You may even be keen to show your cattle at a local A&P Show.

Our members love to spend time with their Highlands and our calves are well socialised and friendly when you purchase them. When you buy a Highland from a NZLHS registered breeder, you will have the confidence you are buying a quality animal which, if you so choose, can be registered in our NZLHS Herdbook. Registered cattle come with pedigree papers which, as well as verifying the grade of the animal you are purchasing, trace that animal’s ancestry back four generations.

Registration is required if you wish to show your Highland at any RAS Affiliated show (which most these days are), and the pedigree will need to be verified to obtain a Passport to show in Beef classes. You can enter your animal into a lifestyle class without a Passport, but even in this class, if you are serious about showing, you will want some confidence that you have purchased a show worthy animal.

When you register your first Highland with NZLHS, we will initially give you free membership to our Society for the period up to the next annual subscription. You will also get access to our Herdbook, and you will receive our quarterly magazine which is packed full of interesting articles, many of which are written by our members.

We always encourage our members to contact their initial breeder in the first instance for any concerns or questions, but we back this up with support from our Area Representatives who keep regular email contact with our members, and our Executive are also always available for you to contact too.