Please familiarise yourself with the Society's fees from time to time, as they can change.CaymanIsles

The Society's fees are current as at 1 September 2018.

New Member Joining Fees

The Full Membership fee of $60 prorated per month for the balance of the year i.e. until 31 March of the current financial year.

Junior Membership joining fee of $30.

Associate Membership joining fee of $30.

Annual Membership Fee

Full Membership Fee - $70 discounted to $60 if paid before 31st March. See here for a definition of Full Member.

Junior Membership Fee - $30 per annum per individual (under 18 years old). Proof of age required. See here for a definition of Junior Member.

Associate Membership Fee - $30 per annum. See here for a definition of Associate Member.

Animal Registration Fee

Animal Registration Fee - $35 (NZLHS bred animal) per animal.

Other Herd Book Registration Fee - $35 per animal.

Animal Transfer Fee

Animal Transfer Fee from NZLHS member to NZLHS member - $20.

Animal Transfer Fee to Non Member - $0.

Summary of Fees as at 1 September 2018

Membership FeesIn Advance (Due 31 March)
Full Member $70 discounted to $60 if paid before 31st March
Associate Member $30
Junior Member $30
Animal Registration FeesPer Animal At Time of Registration
Animal Registration $35
Other Herd Book Registration $35
Transfer to NZLHS Member $20
Transfer to Non-Member $0