What makes NZ Lifestyle Highland Society different?

  • 20170713 123633We pride ourselves on being member friendly
  • We have the lowest fee structure of the Highland Cattle Societies in NZ
  • We send out a professionally printed, colourful and very informative newsletter to our members.  We encourage all our members to contribute to this newsletter and welcome your stories and Highland Cattle experiences
  • We register each Fold as a member, not each individual associated with that fold
  • You own your animal’s registration and each registration receives a professionally laminated copy of the animal's pedigree signed by our Herd Book Registrar
  • We have a 'super quick' turnaround for registrations
  • We accept animals for registration from ALL Herd Books* 
  • We do not require assessments on Bulls
  • Assessed animals may be registered into our Herd Book*.

*subject to our Herd Book rules and due diligence

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